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what does bts mean in betting

What does bts mean in betting 

If you are a newbie punter, you may be wondering what does bts mean in betting. BTTS is an abbreviation for both teams to score. It is a popular type of betting where gamblers stake their money hoping that both teams are going to score hence winning the bet.

In case both teams do not score; the gambler loses the stake money to the bookmakers. In this article, we are going to explore everything you need to know about Btts and other soccer betting codes.

When to place both teams to score bet

Before you place this type of bet, make sure you search for btts tips and see the results of the team you have in mind. Go ahead and choose matches that you think are likely to produce goals in both teams.

Your choice can be based on the following scenarios:

  • The match is between two strong teams that are likely to score each other e.g. Manchester United and Man City.
  • Both teams have a weak defense.
  • The two teams have good strikers.

Importance of using btts predictions tips

Using both teams to score prediction tips gives you a better chance of winning than when you are analyzing the matches alone. You can rely on several accurate soccer prediction sites on any type of betting tip.

For example, at we have a team of soccer experts who analyzes matches and produces different tips like double chance, over 2.5, single bet, etc. that you can rely on when placing a bet.

Never take chances when betting. Invest in betting by finding the best tipster who can minimize your loses.

Where to find both teams to score today tips

In case you want to place a bet today and you are looking for BTTS tips, we can help you. At Eric predicts we analyze different betting categories not only BTTS. They include the following:-

  1. Double chance.
  2. Over/under 1.5
  3. Over/under 2.5
  4. Single bet
  5. Half time Wins /draws
  6. OTS-Which means either the Home team or away team, will not score. etc.

Every day we offer every five-plus odds free. Those customers who are interested in sure bet Vip odds can always contact us using the telegram channel. All our both teams to score tips are thoroughly researched in order to guarantee our clients wins. We guarantee you more wins and profits once you pay for the VIP package.


Below are other frequently asked questions about both teams to score betting.

What is btts and over 2.5 predictions?

As we have defined above BTTS means, both teams will score at least one goal each at the end of 90 minutes. It is important to note that BTTS does not count of extra time; therefore, both teams have to score within 90 minutes for you to win the bet.

Over 2.5 goals mean that there will be at least 3 or more goals scored in the game. In over 2.5 goals bet, it is not necessary for each team to score. One team can score the three goals and you will win the bet.

If you bet on under 2.5 goals mean you will win the bet if there are two or fewer goals scored in the game.

What does both teams to score and win mean?

Both teams to score and win means that you will win the bet once both team scores at least one goal and one team that you select scores another goal hence winning the game.

What is neither team to score in both halves meaning?

Neither team to score in both halves meaning is the opposite of both teams to score. You can bet no in BTTS tip meaning that neither of the team will score during the game. You will only win this type of bet once both teams fail to score during the 90 minutes.


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double chance predictions

Double chance predictions for Today

If you are looking for accurate double chance predictions, it is very important first to understand the meaning of double chance betting. Before we go into details, let us define what is a double result bet?

Double chance bet is a type of soccer prediction that allows the punter to cover two outcomes using one bet. Out of the three possible football match outcomes, one can bet either 1x meaning you win if Home team wins or draws or 2x meaning you win if Away team Wins or draws.

Even though not all bookmakers offer double chance betting, several allow this type of bet. Before you can place these types of bets, it is very important to use double chance tips in order to increase your winning chances.

Actually, if you have looked at the table above, we have given you three sure double chance tips for today and in case you need, more tips to create accumulator you can click My Account button.

In this article, am going to explain everything you need to know about double chance betting.

How double chance bet works

When placing a double chance bet, three outcomes are possible in a soccer match i.e. Home team can Win or draw with the away team or the Away team can win or draw with the home team. These bets can be represented as 1x and 2X respectively.

Double chance bets can be placed as single bets or accumulator bets that increases the profit margin. What double chance bets do is that they increase punters’ chances of winning because they merge two possible outcomes in one bet. However, bookmakers do not give these types of bets high odds; they cannot be compared with correct score bets.

Pros and cons of double chance betting

There are advantages and disadvantages of betting double chance. Let first look at the advantages;

  • The fact that you are backing on two possible results from a match out of the three; there are high chances of winning the bet. Just as the name suggests, the chances of winning are doubled in these types of bets.
  • It is less risky compared with correct score bets.
  • Double chance bets give the punters a chance to support a weak team they love and they can win the bet even when the lesser team does not pull a huge victory.


  • Double chance bets cannot be compared with single outcome bets. The fact that punters have doubled chances of winning, the bookmakers give these types of bet very low odds.
  • They are not the best when you are supporting a favorite team that has high chances of winning. You can lose all the profits you can have gained with a single outcome bet.


Are double chance accumulator good?

If you are not a serious punter you must be wondering what is what is an accumulator?

An accumulator is a type of bet that combines several single or double chance selections into one single bet that can only win if only all the outcomes are true. Accumulators have increased risk with only one advantage of higher winnings.

Among gamblers, double chance accumulators are not very popular because they are too risky especially when you focus on lesser or underdog teams. They can only be profitable if the punter can find at least three or four double chances with at least 1.25 odds or higher then combine them together.

If you can find reliable double chance accumulator tips, using them can increase the chances of winning the bet. I can conclude by saying that yes, Double chance accumulator bets are worthy because they increase your winning profits.

Where to find sure double chance tips

There are several websites that offer soccer prediction tips however not all of them are accurate. You need to be very cautious when paying for double chance 12 tips. I would recommend you to try Eric predicts accurate soccer prediction site because we use the best algorithm in determining matches outcomes.

We have a team of professional soccer experts who analyze the games before we post them on the site. Categories covered by the team include the following:

  • Over/Under 1.5
  • Correct Score.
  • Half time tips.
  • Single bets.
  • Over /Under 2.5
  • Both Teams to Score.


Double chance betting is very popular among gamblers across the globe. If you want to access Eric predicts double chance 12 predictions today make sure you sign up here . We have daily free soccer predictions tips and premium tips for serious punters who want to maximize their betting profits. In case you are not sure about our services may you should check the Winning archive in our Android App.

Free soccer prediction sites in Kenya

Free soccer prediction sites in Kenya

The most exciting moment for every punter around the world is when they receive a message to congratulate them after winning a bet. If you do not watch soccer very often, it is very hard to make accurate predictions of any match. Free soccer prediction sites in Kenya and other countries help gamblers by giving them both free and premium tips that can enable them to make a winning every time they place a bet.

However, nowadays there is a growth of several soccer prediction sites and finding the legit one can be a very hard task especially if you are new to betting. In this article, I will list and analyze some of the best football prediction websites that you can rely on.

Remember for one to become a successful gambler you have to do a thorough and detailed analysis of all possible outcomes. Every person has different and varying views when it comes to match outcomes therefore combining several possible outcomes from different betting tips sites can be more advantageous.

Soccer predictions sites

Even though there are different types of games like basketball, ice hockey, baseball, and rugby most people bet on soccer especially European leagues. Therefore, the sites that I am going to list in this post are the ones that you can rely on when it comes to daily soccer predictions.

  1. Bet Ensured

At the top of the list is one of the best prediction site across Africa. Started back in 2015, Bet Ensured has been delivering betting tips for all leagues across the world. Their website is easy to use especially when registering to view VIP or premium tips.

The tips are grouped into three different categories i.e 

  • Free-1.5 Goals, Double chance, First, Half Results, Draws, and Correct Score.
  • Basic-Super Weekend, Both team scores, 2.5 goals, Under 1.5 Half time.
  • Premium-Sure 2, Sure 3, first-half goal, super single, Single Combo, Half time/Full time.

It is important to note that Bet ensured group founder featured in Forbes top 30 under 30 this year and this proves to you how serious these people are. With over a million monthly users they are the best tipsters in town.

Visit BetEnsured here

  1. Tips180

This is another football prediction website that is similar to Eric predicts website. On a daily basis, this website provides five free tips to its users spread across the globe. For all the registered users who have paid for the subscription, they have access to all the tips that are grouped in different categories.

There two packages those target only serious punters who want to make more profits by investing more in gambling. These are expert ACCA and investment schemes. Experts ACCA package gives gamblers 5-10 Odds, which are always the best football tips selection of the day.

Also in Tips 180 website, those fans who know and love their teams can play TRIVIA game that can earn them subscription bonuses at the end of the month if they are at the top. Premium tips packages are affordable and every gambler can afford them.

  1. 1960tips

I like several features of this free soccer prediction sites in Kenya. One feature is free five daily tips that can be viewed by unregistered site visitors. If you do not have enough money to pay for a subscription, this is the best website that can give you free daily tips. Once you win, you can pay for premium packages to increase your profits.

The second feature is a discount for all premium users who upload their winning screenshots on the website. The fact that the site allows you to upload your recent winnings, that sound legit and they cannot be compared with some fraud websites that manipulate their tips after games have been played.

However, there is one thing I do not like about the 1960tips website. The website has too many ads and they make it hard for site users to view important information. If the administrator could reduce the number of ads, they display this website can remain among the top three most accurate soccer prediction site.

  1. Betshoot

 The last pick on our list of free soccer prediction sites in Kenya is BetShoot. I am not really sure when this site started operating but they claim they have been offering tips to gamblers since 2004. There are no ads on this site therefore it is easy for punters to view all the tips provided.

Comparing this soccer prediction site with others, there are notable features that are quite different. It is not very easy to find tips because they have not been grouped properly like other sites.

Vip tips Kenya

Buying VIP tips in Kenya is not a problem but the big worry is from who are you buying the tips from. There are many punters who have been scammed online by people and site purporting to offer sure odds at a fee.

Before you can buy any soccer prediction tips, make sure you have seen their recent winnings. Another thing is that most hot prediction sites do not regularly post their tips on a daily basis and if they do they post when it is very late.


The only way for punters to be successful in soccer betting is by getting premium tips from the best soccer prediction sites. It is my hope this article has answered this big question i.e.  Which site is best for football prediction? Listed above are the top free soccer prediction sites in Kenya that you can rely on for betting tips.